December 16, 2017



Clear your browser cache – Temporary Internet files

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Every time you surf the web your browser keeps files from every site you visit like images, text files, log files, etc. These “Temporary” files help websites load faster but they also can become troublesome if you don’t delete them regularly. Your browsers may work slower, sometimes files get corrupted and can cause some website to not work properly. Another good reason to clean your Temporary Internet Files is that this is the place where Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and other suscpicious file might get installed. Lastly, they can take up a lot of space in your hard drive specially if you have never done any maintenance on your computer.
I’ve cleaned Temporary Folder as big as 10GB, one MP3 song is about 4MB, 10GB is enough space for 2,500 songs! That is a lot considering web pictures and files are purposely made small in order to transfer them fast.
The method I use to clean the Temporary Files is very easy and straightforward. It will only delete your temporary files which are the most important to clean. It does not delete your saved passwords, browsed history, cookies, internet searches. You can do all this in your browser’s settings page. My main focus is just to clean those temporary files.

Warning: Cleaning your Temporary Internet Files will delete all the saved files from the websites you have visited.

Delete Temporary Internet Files

  • Click on the Start Button startbtn
  • On the search bar type Run
  • Click on the Run Command – Programs
  • On the Run Prompt type: %temp% – this will open the “C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/Temp” Folder (see picture for reference)
  • Make sure the new Opened folder is your active window; Press Ctrl + A to Select All items
  • Once everything is selected press the Del Key on your keyboard to delete all files
  • You’ll get prompted to confirm deleting those files
  • Don’t forget to empty your Recylce Bin after deleting
You might get some prompts for files that can not be deleted because they are been used. Just press on the Skip button to continue.

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