December 16, 2017



Delete Windows Temporary Files

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Whenever your install software in your computer the new software creates temporary files. These files do not always get deleted after the sofwares is installed. Cleaning your Windows Temporary Files not olny will delete these files but you’ll also recover the Hard Drive space used.

Windows Temporary Folder

To Open the Windows Temporary files:

  • Click on the Start Button
  • On the search bar type Run
  • Click on the Run Command – Programs
  • On the Run Prompt type: %windir%/temp – this will open the “C:/Windows/Temp/” Folder
  • Make sure the new Opene Window is your active window and just Press Ctrl + A to Select All items
  • Once everything is selected press the Del Key on your keyboard to delete all files
  • You’ll get prompted to confirm deleting those files
  • Don’t forget to empty your Recylce Bin after deleting
You might get some prompts for files that can not be deleted because they are been used. Just press on the Skip button.

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