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Prevent unwanted programs from loading at startup

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When you open any Program in Windows it’s loaded into your computer’s RAM(Random Access Memory); the more programs you have opened the slower your computer may become.
Preventing Programs and Services form loading when you turn on your computer can increase your start up speed and system speed overall by freeing up some RAM. A lot of the programs loaded at startup can be disabled since they are only loaded for quicker access expect for Security Programs like Antivirus, Anti Spyware, etc.
You’ll need open the MSCONFIG utility to disable Programs and Services.

How to open MSCONFIG Utility




The first thing to do here is go to the Services Tab and check the Hide All Microsoft Services. This way you won’t disable anything that is important. After hiding all Microsoft Services you’ll only see Services that were installed and are not essential to Windows. You can disable most Services expect the ones that have to do your Antivirus and/or any other program that you’d like to keep at startup.

The Next tab to check is the Startup Tab which is very similar to the Services Tab. Here you can also disable Programs from loading. Do not disable your Antivirus.

After unchecking the Programs and Services you don’t want just press Ok and Restart your computer. The next startup won’t load those Programs.

Disabling Services and Programs only prevents them from loading at startup. It does not remove them from your computer. If you disabled one by mistake you can always go back an enable it.

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